Here we are – it’s less than a week to Thanksgiving, and as we get closer and closer to the big day it’s time to prepare for the meal to end all meals.

You love Thanksgiving, you love the family, the friends, and of course the food. In fact, you love the food so much that you have been dreaming of it for weeks!

After planning and carefully arranging everything you begin with the confidence that everything is wonderful, and happy, and going to go exactly as planned.

But you soon realize that this all isn’t going to be as easy as you planned.

Even your big aspirations for that picture-perfect side dish…

May be doomed to come from a can.

But the more things start to deteriorate the weirder they get

Until you start to question your sanity.

But soon the food is ready,

And once you have the right attire

It’s time to eat!

But don’t forget the pie!

Before you go back to napping for next year!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!