It was about this time last year that removed the option to buy signed copies from my website. While I only got requests and purchases about once a week, with everything I was going through it was becoming impossible to keep up with purchases.

It wasn’t only the purchased books that I was having trouble keeping up with – it was the giveaways as well. Kaylynn and I had spent a very busy year promoting books and hosting giveaways and getting everything ready for the release of Crown of Cinders. It was a crazy time, and trying to get everything done and stay up on legal responsibilities… and eating… was becoming a struggle.

And as the list of books I owed went up, so did the walls for me to be able to fill all those requests. Actual walls. I was blocked from filling orders, and purchasing what I needed to send out copies to giveaway winners. For quite a while we relied on the bottle caps that Kaylynn made because it was, quite literally, all we could send out. It was about then that the decision came down to stop selling books, and to stop giving them away.

And we sat, and waited. Waited for money to free back up so I could buy the books. Waited for the ability to buy them.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, a lot of those wall were removed earlier this year.

And I was probably a bit foolish to think that it was all going to just be perfect from then on out.

Because it’s not. Not even close.

The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind as I settle into a new reality, get used to writing daily again, and make plans to resurrect a series that, in many ways, was left to die.

Resurrecting things is harder than it looks, Ilyan should know.

So as I work to breathe new life into Imdalind, and repair the damage that was done, I am making a list of everything that has been blocked and forgotten, just waiting to see the light of day.

You may think I am talking about stories, and maybe I am – but here I am talking about all of those giveaways and purchased copies that are desperate to find their new homes.

Already this year I have received a few requests from sweet husbands and mothers and friends who want to buy my books for their loved ones for Christmas. While normally I would happily fill each and every one of these requests, this year I have had to say no. Not because I don’t want to, but because I have several people who have been waiting.

And they need to come first.

So this year for Christmas I may not be sending out signed copies, I will be sending out all of those giveaways and purchases that have been held up.

This year has been miraculous for me, and I want to start off next year with a clean slate, a fresh mind, and new perspective for all the amazing to come.

Have you been waiting for your copy?

Watch my social media updates for when the copies will go out, and little teasers to the special surprises that Kaylynn and I will be putting into each one. From signed original manuscript drafts, to frameable cover art each of these will include something special.

You have been waiting as long as I have to be able to breathe – and now that I can, now that I am smiling again – I want to spread that joy.

Thank you for your patience, for your love, and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!