As you probably know by now a few months ago I started publishing Ilyan one chapter at a time on Wattpad. While this distribution plan wasn’t the favorite of many (including me) it seemed like the best way to publish Ilyan without stepping on a lot of the toes that writing it had created.

Unfortunately, as I did that, many things began to get in the way and my publishing wasn’t always consistent – or there were days that I would just forget all together.


I don’t think I am made to write chapter by chapter serials! Once upon a time I published a fanfic like that (don’t ask) and it worked really well. But I was like twenty and had no kids and didn’t work more than part time to survive.

It was a different time.

But now I am pretending to be all sorts of an adult and work, and be a good mom and stuff… So I am putting the serials aside which is good because as my last blog post saidEverything has changed!

Now that I have control of my rights once more I can do pretty much anything I want. And I can do it all without a panic attack!

In fact, the other day Kaylynn The PA and I sat and brainstormed a million different ideas, and a million different possibilities for Imdalind, and all of them were great!

But before I get to all the continuation stories and novellas – first thing’s first – let’s get Ilyan out there!

The other day on my author page I asked how people “wanted” Ilyan – on wattpad or in a book and it looks like a book is winning.

I guess I have some work ahead of me.

Not only will I be reworking the final three Imdalind books before Christmas, but around Turkey day we will probably see a certain handsome, shirtless, man make his appearance.

Not only that – when Ilyan makes his debut… so will the next Imdalind story that will be told.

2017 is going to end with more than a bang – it’s going to end with an explosion!

Have an Imdalind story you want to see told? Let me know in the comments and who knows – maybe you will get a surprise when the new year rolls around.