Street Team

Do you love to read? Did you pick up Kiss of Fire and instantly become a super fan? Do you tell everyone about the Imdalind series? Do you wish you had a ruby necklace? Do you wish you had an Ilyan… or a Ryland (pre-mind wipe of course)?

You do… well I have something that might interest you. I am looking for a few good members to join my street team: Bec’s Pirate Posse (and yes, we are cool enough to have a name as awesome as that!)

By now you are probably wondering what a street team is. Well…

A street team is an enthusiastic group of fans (like you!) who will help me spread the word about my books. It’s actually REALLY easy to do! You can help spread the word by completing monthly tasks and mini-competitions, like tweeting, facebook sharing, blogging, requesting my books at your library and book store etc.

Sound like fund so far? Well, it gets ever better.  We hold lots of monthly contests with individual prizes like ARC, bonus chapters, early release covers and more.

Sound like you are going to be a perfect fit? Then head OVER HERE and going our ranks.