Let’s Make River’s Dream Come True!!

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Hello beautiful people! It’s November!!! I know! I feel the same way. Where has the time gone? It’s November. Only 60 days until the end of the year… until Christmas… I know… I’m not ready. Well… I guess that’s all relative. I’m writing. I’m feeling better. I’m starting to get back into the groove. But… that’s not why I am … Read More

Through Glass – An Update

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Wait… I know what you are saying… what do you mean ANOTHER update post. And while it does seem like I am doing a lot of these. They are for good reason, and besides… this one has a specific purpose… THROUGH GLASS I have gotten quite a few emails, messages and yes, even snail mail about it. So I figure … Read More

River and Raynn’s Journals are now in one place!!!

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Hold the phone! Say what? I know many of you have been eyeing the crazy-awesomeness that is Of River and Raynn – and many more have been scratching your heads going… I want to play… but I don’t know where to start.. Don’t worry. I have you covered. Behold!! Of River and Raynn – The Journals – in e-reader book … Read More

Of River and Raynn Is Available For Pre-Order!!

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The title says it all doesn’t it!! After watching the journals, getting to know the characters, immersing yourself in the story for the past few months… it’s here… the first written volume of The River and Raynn Series… Now our story is about to begin. Get it for pre-order on Amazon right now! And yes, I know… I know… Barnes … Read More