Through Glass #5 – early and FREE??? HOW???

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How would you like to read Through Glass #5 early – and FREE?? I know… I know that sounds like a cheesy car salesman gimmick but I am just going to go with it! So as you know I released Through Glass #4 last week – and well… the release didn’t quite as well as planned. First we had health … Read More

An Update on Giveaways

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Or Why I May Never Do Another Giveaway Again… And the thought breaks my heart. Big Time. I am going to try not to get ranty  – but as with all things that are close to my heart, as with all things that hurt. It may not be possible. So I am going to put on ‘Happy’ By Pharrell Williams … Read More

Teaser Tuesday 3-12

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I know… I know… I am kinda late again. I swear life is kicking my tush lately – I guess I better start kicking back Anyway… Lets get this party started.. All following is unedited and subject to change. All works copyright Rebecca Ethington and Imdalind Press – All right reserved. Through Glass – Episode 4 March 21st 2014 I … Read More

Through Glass and The History Of Serials

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So last December when everything was going crazy and I had to push back Soul of Flame and the world was imploding (I’m probably exaggerating, but lets go on) I made the decision to break Through Glass up into Novellas and release them much like the serials of old. This was a hard decision and I really stewed over it … Read More

Tuesday Teaser – 3/4

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I am kind of in love with Tuesdays now… I don’t know why… I think it maybe because I have so many AMAZING projects in the works and I am so excited to share all of them with you. Because… you know… my brain is all sorts of crazy – and maybe a little bit awesome. A little bit. Anyway… … Read More