Through Glass #5 – early and FREE??? HOW???

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How would you like to read Through Glass #5 early – and FREE?? I know… I know that sounds like a cheesy car salesman gimmick but I am just going to go with it!

So as you know I released Through Glass #4 last week – and well… the release didn’t quite as well as planned. First we had health issues in my house that sucked up my time so I couldn’t celebrate quite as much as I wanted to. And then, iBooks decided to wait (intact we are still waiting) to publish the book. The whole thing made me all sour and put out.

And in an attempt to spread happy as is my goal for April I am going to give away lots and lots of copies.

So first – if you are an ibooks user and haven’t gotten your copy of Through Glass – please email me and I will make sure you get a copy ASAP.

Second – if you want a FREE ADVANCED copy of Through Glass #5 (due out April 4th 2014) I want to give away those to. But I need your help first…

You see, with the switch to a novella series the books are now achingly devoid of reviews. And I kinda feel bad for them. So, what am going to do is this:

Go and leave your HONEST review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or iBooks for all four of the Through Glass Novellas and BAM – free copy.

Sounds easy right? Well, it is. Honest reviews really are the best way for authors to share their books, whether they be good bad, one paragraph and twelve. Each honest review is perfect and so cherished. So even if its only a sentence, it qualifies.

So go – leave your reviews and then head over to this form and paste the links to said reviews into the handy dandy boxes. Once that’s done I will send you your copy – and BAM… you will find out what happens next before anyone else…

Good luck…



An Update on Giveaways

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Or Why I May Never Do Another Giveaway Again…

And the thought breaks my heart.

Big Time.

I am going to try not to get ranty  – but as with all things that are close to my heart, as with all things that hurt. It may not be possible.

So I am going to put on ‘Happy’ By Pharrell Williams find a whole lot of minion gifs and plunge head in.

As you know I published on a bet – and the success of The Imdalind Series still blows my mind. I am so eternally grateful to each and everyone one of you who have picked up my book, who have read it, who have loved it, who have become a fan.

You mean the world to me. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Because I am so grateful for each of you, because your love for my works gives me a passion to give back, and to find anyway to say thanks.

Which means I do LOTS and LOTS of giveaway’s.

And I love them.

I think the final tally (done for taxes) was that I spent well over 8k in giveaways and shipping’s last year…. That’s a lot. And I regret none of them. I lovingly signed every book, every bookmark, packed each package and sent it off with a smile.

Which is why when I was getting ready for Soul of Flame’s release I planned A LOT of giveaways. A LOT.

Like enough to fill pages of gifts and addresses.


But the story of why I am seriously reconsidering my giveaway begins before that.

WAY before that.

It begins a year ago, when my husband was roto-tilling our front yard and threw out his back so bad that his sciatic nerve got pinched between two vertebrae. The injury was so bad he couldn’t work, so bad he was laid off making my books the sole income for our family.

Leaving my husband out of work and well… depressed.

My husband is a numbers guy, he’s a stock broker by trade so he’s good at that stuff. So I asked him if he would help with giveaways. Which is where everything has gone down hill.

I don’t think I have been so behind on giveaways in my life. I don’t think I have been so stressed about something that should have been easy, that didn’t get done. You see, with an injury like his there are days he can’t get up. There are days that he simply can’t move, and days when we have to go to the hospital and rack of bills so high my head may explode.

But we won’t get into that…

Where were we? Oh yeah – giveaway’s!!

So I tallied up all the Soul of Flame winners, and I combined it with the giveaways that were a bit backlogged and I smiled and said ‘I can do this’ and got all excited to make sweatshirts and vinyl’s and send out gift cards and signed books. I was pumped, my husband was pumped.

And then my husband had a flare up.

And the money I had set aside to do all my giveaways was gone with one bright shiny hospital room.

I was overwhelmed. Distraught. So stressed that I just shut down.

I posted everywhere that I was behind that I was going to get caught up as quickly as I could, explained to everyone who messaged what was going on – and you know what – they were all very understanding. SOO nice infact, that I wanted to hug them and I started updating my lists to include little bonuses.

Well… everyone was nice except for one person.

One person who harassed my Blog Tour Manager even after I had emailed him several times. And one person who began posting rude terrible things on the wall of my facebook page.

Someone who NEVER messaged me in private – instead decided to go right to a public shaming instead of even ATTEMPTING to speak to me privately. I never received one email from him, not one private message – there is even a contact form on my website he could have used… but no… I guess public shaming is deemed appropriate now.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.53.39 AM

(I did respond to him as well, even very politely in this post explaining that I had emailed him, and asking him to email me)

And over something that he didn’t have any basis for.

Over a giveaway that I didn’t have to hold, a prize that I am not legally required to give him.

You see, here is the thing. I held a giveaway along side the book blast for Soul of Flame, a book blast to help the readers I may have lost touch with to know that the next book is available. I put a giveaway along side it because I LOVE giveaways I love the joy it brings to people, and I really do love to spread joy.

This man won and immediately emailed my tour manager asking when he would receive his prize. No thanks nothing.

Just gimme gimme.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.55.39 AM


My tour manager forwarded his email to me, letting me know we had a winner. I put his info on my six page list and handed the list to my husband. Then all hell broke loose and my bank account for all the giveaways I had planned shrunk to nothing so that I could take of my husband.

That’s when I started making announcements. But because this man is not a reader, nor is he a fan, simply some man who jumps from giveaway to giveaway so he can get free stuff (Yes, you can tell this from his twitter page) he didn’t see my announcement – he didn’t care. And so he emailed my tour manager again. Once again – no thank you’s – just when am I getting my money.

Once again, I am not legally required to give away anything.

It was at this point I emailed him back and explained the situation. But never received an answer. I emailed again, a week later, and still nothing.

Then he posts on my wall.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.53.28 AM

Well, if you know how busy I am, you know I only get around to checking all that stuff once a week. And by the time I got it he didn’t seem to care for my reasoning, he only wanted the money. I explained to him I had emailed him, he said he didn’t get it.

I sent him another email – nothing.

Then this morning he posts again.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.53.50 AM

(NOTE: It has actually been LESS THAN A MONTH)

And I am heart broken. Heart broken that someone could be so rude, so inappropriate, so demanding.

I point out the posts to my tour manager, we look over all the emails and I realize that I had his email address wrong – that somewhere in the mix it got one letter off and I had probably been emailing some other poor shmuck.

Now, before we go on. Let me acknowledge that I know I should have sent out his gift card right away, and I would have if I had the money. I am in no way saying that I am guiltless here. Not in the least. I just have a husbands whose medical needs trump giveaways sometimes.

But that doesn’t make what he is doing okay either.

There has been a terrible rash of bullying in the author world lately, specifically the indie community, people who seem to think that because they are hidden behind a computer screen and a fake avatar that they can do and say anything they want. And while I wouldn’t call this particular instance of online crabbery bullying – it is certainly disappointing.

And heart breaking.

And so inappropriate I don’t know where to begin.

If you have a problem with my books, with me, with how I take care of my family, and run my business that’s fine. Not everyone can be the same and can do things the same way. If we did the world would suck and be boring. But I don’t come into your house, on your page and yell about how I think entering every giveaway without reading the books is a scam. Don’t do it to me.

Don’t come into my house, crap on the carpet and leave it there.

Clean up your messes. Because I do.

This man does not deserve the card he won. There – I said it. He doesn’t deserve it because he has been harassing me and my tour manager. He doesn’t deserve it because he doesn’t seem to understand what is and what is not appropriate.

But I’m not an ass – and I am bigger than the feces he has smeared on me.

So he is going to get his gift card.

And then he is banned not only from my giveaways but from all the other giveaways I have a hand in – which is a lot.

I will not put up with harassment, I will not put up with someone dragging my name through the mud with no just cause.

I will not put up with it.

Winning is an honor not a right – and to not even say thank you??

What is the world coming to that we can’t say thank you??


I hold giveaways because I love my fans and I want to say thank you to those who have read my books and supported me.

But not like this.


Starting today – I am changing the way things work.


I get paid this week. And I am sending out every giveaway that I am backlogged in – I am showering my readers in gifts and love and sunshine sprinkles. And then I am going head in and showering you all more. Because you deserve it.. and you know what I like to do when I am in a rut –

Spread the happy.

Teaser Tuesday 3-12

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I know… I know… I am kinda late again. I swear life is kicking my tush lately – I guess I better start kicking back

Anyway… Lets get this party started..

All following is unedited and subject to change. All works copyright Rebecca Ethington and Imdalind Press – All right reserved.

Through Glass – Episode 4

March 21st 2014

I had already accepted Cohen as dead. I had already mourned and cried and held onto him, but for some reason—thinking of his eyes always full of so much expression, dimmed into that of a monster… a monster that Travis obviously had other plans for than what I had originally thought.
Pain seized through my chest as if I had been shot again. I might have been.
“But if we find him—” Travis began, his voice suddenly rising in an excitement that only cut through me, “if we know which one he is—if we find him, then maybe we can find out what Abran has done to those people. If they are monsters—”
“You mean you want to experiment on Cohen,” I finally interrupted him, my words clipped in shock and pain.
“Just the way they wanted to experiment on me.” I could feel the panic, the temper coming back and it scared me.
“Not the same way—”
“Exactly the same way! You want to open him up and see how he ticks—”
“No, Alexis!” he interrupted me with a snap, the anger in his voice jolting through me. The muscles in his jaw flexed as he looked at me with the same hard look as before, the childish gleam that I had seen in him all but gone now, leaving only my older, powerful brother.
I didn’t want this. I didn’t want this for Cohen, for the image of what he was in my mind, in my heart. I wanted him, but he wasn’t there anymore.
“I will not do that to him,” Travis said, his voice almost a whisper as he tried to calm the angry panic I was sure he could see move through me.
“Then what, Travis? You want to manicure his talons… his…” My breath caught as I said it, an iron vice closing over my heart as I felt the burn behind my eyes, the burn I wanted so hard to ignore, the tears that I wanted to pretend I could no longer shed.
I knew it wasn’t that easy, though.
It couldn’t be.
Just saying the words had let a tiny part of me out; the part that still clung to that final image of Cohen, the part that still remembered his kiss, the warmth of his hands…
Without thinking about it, I lifted my arm, the sleeve of the over-large, leather jacket rolling back to reveal the ink pen drawing I had spent so many years tracing. The drawing that brought back so many memories of his smile.
I could still see him, but now I saw something more. I saw golden claws where charcoal-stained fingers used to be, and slick, black skin covered with razor sharp feathers instead of the scruff that had so taken my heart.
I didn’t see Cohen anymore.
I saw a monster.
“He’s gone,” I said, trying to keep the break out of my voice and failing.


Through Glass and The History Of Serials

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So last December when everything was going crazy and I had to push back Soul of Flame and the world was imploding (I’m probably exaggerating, but lets go on) I made the decision to break Through Glass up into Novellas and release them much like the serials of old.

This was a hard decision and I really stewed over it for quite a while until it became clear that I needed to. It got to the point that the reasons to split it up where far outweighing the reasons not to. With the weights and deadlines being placed on me by possible contracts and agents and all sort of trouble it became clear I wouldn’t have the time to really devote to it. Now, before you all start raising your pitchforks thinking that I am going to be releasing product that is far below my usual standard.


Because I don’t play that game.

In fact Episode Four of Through Glass took me two weeks to write and edit before I sent it to my editor – so obviously my perfectionist standards are still intact.

Which begs the question – if you are taking so long to write the episode than why release them as ‘episodes’ or Novellas?

Well that brings me to reason number 2 that I made the decision to change the format of the series.

This series really doesn’t lend itself to a traditional series set up.

I sat down in November, ready to start working on the next Through Glass book, and began plotting. Five days later I had finished plotting out the entire series and I couldn’t find a clear breakdown for each book. It was just one long story.

I am sure you noticed that I have a tendency to do that.

It’s really not my fault. And what is worse, I am REALLY bad at deciding when to end a book, and thinking I wrapped everything up in a nice little bow only to have really just made a MASSIVE cliff hanger. Such is the way with the first Through Glass volume.

But when I was looking at the plotting I began to realize a theme within my overall plot for Through Glass.

The whole things plays out like a TV show or a comic book… excuse me – graphic novel.

A big ‘ol plot with ups and downs and cliffhangers and mystery and bad guys and good guys. In fact if I knew an amazing artist I would probably give it some kick butt images…

As of right now I have broken down my big ol plot into episodes, and I have 30… so far… I still have more plot to break down, and as always I am sure things will change.

I know there is still a TON of confusion about what is going on with through Glass and how the original books fits into the novellas and visa versa. I haven’t really been secretive with it – but I know with algorithms and how social media works sometimes things don’t get seen or explained properly… so I have an image…


Each Episode is about 20-25 thousand words which means that for every three and a half episodes you are reading a full size novel (The original Through Glass Novel was only 88k). Which means the whole thing is about 8 full sized novels.


Now is about the time I start hearing the usual complaint.

“Serials are just an author money grab.”

I am going to address this and I am going to try REALLY HARD not to type in all caps or get snarky. But honestly, this mind set infuriates me.

First – some math. I said earlier that one full size novel equates to a little over 3 of the Through Glass novellas.

I will be charging .99cents for each novella… so three novellas equals… 2.97.. and a little extra for the ‘half’ and you get 3.45… I am confused… how is this a money grab? 3.45 is less than a latte – less than a value meal – heck – its less than buying SHOE LACES. And it’s a book. A book that cost more to produce than the aglet on the end of lace (Thanks Phineas and Ferb for imprinting that dumb word in my brain). A book that spent months to make, and cost blood sweat and tears… How is charging the same (or less) money for three novellas as I would for one full length novel being greedy. In fact – how is charging 3.99 for one novel being greedy… which brings us to our next point.

My time.

I also said earlier that it took me two weeks to write the first Through Glass Novella… 2 weeks… and it’s a money grab to charge .99cents for that?

I am really confused.

I am confused because authors for some reason are expected to give our hard work away, expected to write fast, expected to take the bullies without complain.

It’s really not conducive to a creative atmosphere.

Besides, novellas are NOT a new idea, so I am not sure why it is suddenly so taboo.

Wait? They are not a new idea…?


Serial publication has been around forever – and was first really set in stone by an author by the of Charles Dickens… that’s right THE CHARLES DICKENS. He wrote serials… quite a few in fact. And you know what’s even crazier? He wasn’t the only one..

Let’s look at some of the books that were ORIGINALLY published in serial form:

Charles Dickens – The Pickwick Papers

Alexandre Dumas – The Three Musketeers

Alexandre Dumas – The Count of Monte Cristo

Harriet Beecher Stowe – Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Leo Tolstoy – Anna Karenina

Wilkie Collins – The Moonstone

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – The Sherlock Holmes Stories

Stephen King – The Plant

Orson Scott Card – Hot Sleep (this one is cheating because it wasn’t originally released in serial, but I am going to keep it in there)

The list is huge – and the names are massive. These are classics my friends, classics that I am sure were required reading in many a high school English class. You see, serialized novels are nothing new. And waiting long periods of time for stories to complete themselves, or for the next ‘episode’ to come out if not new either. Ann Karenina for example took over five years for all of the episodes to release. FIVE YEARS. And some of those were with months in between each new piece.


Okay…. I think I am getting a little worked up…



What I want to leave you with in this post is a few things:

#1 – Through Glass is going to be a kick ass serial and will probably take a few years to get through the whole story.

#2 – I am going to try to get the episodes out every other week. But sometimes life gets in the way and there may be a little bit of lag in between some episodes. Its no biggie – It could be Anna Karenina…

#3 – Serials are nothing new, nor are they a money grab. Get that thought out of your head and support the authors who spend so much time pouring their hearts onto paper. I mean it. Do it or I will send a Tar after you – cuz I can do that.

#4 – You guys are amazing – fer reals. I have an amazing readership and the support you give me is amazing.

Also – if you haven’t started Through Glass yet – do it now! The first book is free…

Amazon UK:
Barnes and Noble:

Tuesday Teaser – 3/4

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I am kind of in love with Tuesdays now… I don’t know why… I think it maybe because I have so many AMAZING projects in the works and I am so excited to share all of them with you. Because… you know… my brain is all sorts of crazy – and maybe a little bit awesome.

A little bit.

Anyway… For today’s Tuesday Teaser I would like to share a piece from my next to be released full sized novel (in fact if I can keep it under 200k it may be a miracle)

Of River and Raynn – The Catalyst

The usual warnings: All following is unedited and subject to change. All works copyright Rebecca Ethington and Imdalind Press – All right reserved.

The scream ripped from my throat as I tried to push the burn out from under my skin, but it stayed solid, the haunting light of the room shifting from red to yellow. The large metal door smashed open, a stream of white orderly’s flooding the space. Their faces blended together, the same woman coming in two or three times, making me wonder if she was really there, and what I was really seeing.

Rough hands pulled the long white hospital gown up as I continued to fight against the straps, as I fought against the hands that where everywhere, pushing prodding, touching, searching. I looked away from the wavering face of the nurse, her face multiplying into the others, into more people that were shaking and bending as I looked at them.

My head swam at the ocean of faces, the scream that tore its way out of my throat only growing at the pale face that looked back at me from behind the crowd, her blond hair woven around the shards of ice she wore as a crown, her green eyes smiling as she watched my struggle.

I tried to stop the scream, but it only came harder, my body fighting against the restraints.

I was dreaming.

I must still be dreaming.

“Where is he,” the pale woman hissed. Her voice was all I seemed to be able to hear over my scream. “Where is the Catalyst?”

I tried to move past the dream, let the scream follow me into reality. Let the tall woman fade into nothing. But she stayed, her white silken gown flowing around the room like smoke through the people that surrounded me.

“Go away!” My voice shook as I screamed, my body writhing and seizing in fear, in my mad need to get away from the eyes of the woman, the hands of the people.

“You can’t have him!”

A sharp stab moved into my skin just above my hip, a warm numbness radiating from the spot until my body stopped moving of its own accord. Even though I still begged my mind to fight, screamed at my body to move. Nothing happened. I tried to fight, I tried to scream, but my body didn’t answer, my soul plunging deep into my heart until I felt like I was dead, my eyes still focused on the white ladies face.

“Where is he?” she growled, my body numb and unresponsive as I watched her.

“Ffion.” Her name hissed out of me, my overly large tongue stumbling over the word.

Her eyes widened as I spoke her name aloud, the heavy drugs causing me to say a name I rarely uttered. The hatred behind her eyes bored into me until the dream broke and she drifted back into my subconscious, the white smoke of her dress fading into the red skies that still kissed the ceiling.


I do not own the rights to this image

I do not own the rights to this image