Teaser Tuesday 12/9

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So I may not be the greatest at posting on my blog – but I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. So… to make up for stuff… and because it’s Tuesday… how about a couple of Tuesday Teasers. One from Burnt of Devotion. One from Dawn of Ash.

Enjoy. :)

Imdalind Press and Market Street Books. All following unedited and Subject to change…


I waited for it to come, watching the grey seep into the world, only to have a courtyard materialize before me, the world waving and blending together as my mind took me to a place that I hadn’t seen in what felt like years, the beautiful perfect world that Talon and I had created inside of our Touha.
Even though I was sure I hadn’t moved, even though I could still feel Thom’s hand around mine. I could see the sanctuary that our bond had created. I could see every brick, I could see the bench we had spent so much time on, I could see the shadowed body of a man leaning against the wall.
My soul seemed to jerk at the apparition, the discolored shadowed form seeming out of place. I knew at once who it was, even though I knew he shouldn’t be there, even though I knew that I wasn’t there.
“Talon?” I said his name, my voice soft with longing as I stared at the shadowed shape, sure he had turned toward me before the entire scene vanished into smoke, falling to the ground around me like smoke and ash, leaving me staring at Thom’s tear streaked face, his eyes deep with understanding.
My heart pulsed at seeing him there, torn between two worlds, two realities. I was saddened that Talon had gone, my heart throbbing for the return of the Touha. And yet, I clung to Thom, to the past, and to the last moments I would have with him.
“He will be there waiting for you.” Thom whispered as he leaned close to me, the brilliant blue of his eyes devouring me. “He’s going to be right there… and… and you know who is going to be with him?”
The pulse in my chest became a stab. A stab of memories, a stab of reminders of the life we shared, of the life I had so willingly chosen to forget. For the first time I regretted my decision, not because I had turned my back on a life that had been so good, but because I had turned my back on Thom, a man who for the first time, I realized, was still mourning the loss of our daughter as I was. Was still filled with pain and agony. We had both chosen to run away, but in different ways.
“Rosaline?” The word dug into me, my back arching with fire and a gut wrenching agony that I had thought I escaped.
You can’t escape something that is wound so deeply in your soul, however. I knew that now. I knew that in the way Thom’s voice pulled me from the pain of the curse, the way Rosaline’s memory bound us together.
“Yeah, sweetie, she is going to be right there. Right there with Talon. She’s been waiting for you, waiting… for her mommy.”



I stood before the large wooden doors, watching Ilyan as he leaned against the slim beam of light that seeped through the narrow opening. I didn’t dare breathe as I watched his shoulders tense, the long golden length of ribbon moving through the air behind him. The glittering strand lifted and fell in gentle waves as the breeze that moved through the doors moved into the cave, through all of us.
It was the only movement in the cave. No one dared breathe, no one dared move. Everyone stood in small groups surrounding the tall doors, the intricately carved slabs of wood stretching far above Ilyan’s towering frame and into the endless heights of the cave.
A sound like the ocean moved through the doors, a babble of what at first I had mistaken to be chicken scratches, but no understood to be people. People. And from the way the sound grew and dimmed and the light flickered around Ilyan’s frame, I could tell there were a lot of them. After more than a week trudging through this cave, our bodies growing weaker the longer we spent on the sunless chamber, we had arrived in Prague. Well, at least from what I could tell.
No one had said anything when the door had appeared in front of us, it was only an awed silence, a tension in Ilyan’s shoulders as he moved away from my side his hand soft as he placed his palm against the wood, as if he was savoring the touch, the smell, the warmth of the massive doors. For all I knew that was exactly what he was doing. This was his home. And from what Wyn had said there wasn’t much left.
Which would explain the silence and tension that had suddenly filled the cave.
“Wynifred,” Ilyan said from in front of me, his accent thicker than I had heard it in quite some time. “Can you feel him?”
“No, Ilyan.” Wyn said from where she stood beside Thom, her body tensed as if she was preparing for the doors to open and a battle to begin. “T here is something different, but it’s a long way off.”
“Silny?” he asked, turning from the door for the first time to face me, his blue eyes deep with the same question he had just asked Wyn.
I swallowed once as I met his gaze, my insecurities bubbling for only a moment before my jaw squared and my magic surged in heat and excitement, as if the power itself had heard him and was ready to answer.
I felt a pulse of Ilyan magic surge within me, his lips twitching as he let his power move through our bond, the heat a heady reminder. I couldn’t stop the smile that spread over my face as the heat grew, as my fingers flexed and as Ilyan’s voice filled my mind.
“Find him, my love. If anyone can find him. It will be you.”
I knew it was true, just as much as he did. My heart picked up as Ilyan looked at me one last time before I closed my eyes and let my magic spread away from me, through the city my mate had been raised in, the city that held far more blood and fear than I was sure Wyn had felt.
Then Ilyan could see.
But I could see it, and it terrified me.

I’m being stalked by my characters!!

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if your Characters stalked you?
Neither had I… until they did it anyway.
River James from of River and Raynn has started to follow me around… and it’s not just him… its all my characters. I may be in a lot of trouble.

Watch each week as the characters in my head come to life and make my life… interesting. And yes, I mean all of them…

And so it begins…

Episode Two

Make sure to subscribe to the you tube channel and keep an eye out for more episodes… this should be fun!

Let’s Make River’s Dream Come True!!

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Hello beautiful people!

It’s November!!!

I know! I feel the same way. Where has the time gone? It’s November. Only 60 days until the end of the year… until Christmas…

I know… I’m not ready. Well… I guess that’s all relative.

I’m writing. I’m feeling better. I’m starting to get back into the groove. But… that’s not why I am writing this little blog post today. I am writing because I need your help.

And no, it’s not as scary as you would think.

You see, Spencer Hohl, who plays River in Of River and Raynn…

River and Raynn on Make A Gif

Yeah him.

Spencer is a very talented guitar player. Like so talented he blows you away a bit. He taught himself how to play only a few years ago and has excelled in amazing lengths since. His guitar is such a part of him that it goes with him everywhere, in fact the first day on set of River and Raynn he pulled it out while we were setting shots and production halted while everyone stopped to listen.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 7.13.13 AM

I’m not kidding.

Here is where I need your help. You see, Spencer entered an original composition of his into a competition recently. It’s quite a big competition and if he wins he will be given recording contracts and the opportunity to open for one of his favorite acoustic guitar players Andy McKee… see, I wasn’t kidding. HUGE.


I need your help to keep him there. The contest goes through the end of November 2014 AND you can vote everyday.

All you have to do is click the link – like the page and give Spencer a vote! Watch his video and make sure to leave a comment and tell him what you think.

Vote everyday. Listen to his amazing music. Let’s make Spencer’s dream come true. He is an amazing guy and he really does deserve this.

Through Glass – An Update

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Wait… I know what you are saying… what do you mean ANOTHER update post. And while it does seem like I am doing a lot of these. They are for good reason, and besides… this one has a specific purpose…


I have gotten quite a few emails, messages and yes, even snail mail about it. So I figure it is time to answer a few questions and make sure everyone had the most up to date info on the goings on in that little book.

(and don’t worry, I will update Imdalind in just a few days. That one will take me a few days to get through all the ins and outs on it – and I want to make sure my rambling makes sense ;) )

See… it’ll be worth it I promise.

So…. Through Glass….

Well, It’s no secret I am woefully behind. (If you haven’t read that post make sure you check it out before going any further) And everything under the sun has been effected.

Well, okay maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration. Not EVERYTHING has been affected. I mean… tree’s still grow and all that stuff… But as far as my writing goes… yep… behind…

I wrote River and Raynn From November to May and it only came out last month… and between there… well, let’s not talk about between there.

Or at least the logistics of it. Because I have been writing. A LOT. But I’ve been writing weird coping things… and I’ve been writing Through Glass.

Earlier this month I let slip that I was planning on releasing the next Through Glass Novella around Halloween – and yes, that was my full intention. In fact, the next three episodes are written and through the beta readers…

I bet at this point you are wondering why the hold up?

Well…. They aren’t edited yet – and unfortunately, with everything that is going on in my personal life I won’t have the money to get them edited for a little while.

Please don’t lynch me.

I am not going to go into my financials or details here – so don’t get excited. But… you remember that dreaded “D” word… it’s expensive lol – who knew right?

So here is the plan on Through Glass. I have 4 more tow rite in this set. I am going to get them through the betas and as done as I can make them. And then, in December when I have the money to edit them… they all go through at once.. and then we will have weekly Through Glass fodder for 7 consecutive weeks.

It sounds glorious to me…

I guess I better get started!


Edited to add – This post was not meant as some sort of plea for funding, or begging for spare change. It was not intended to start unsolicited “advice” about my financials. It was just to make you aware of the situation. I always strive for honesty in many facets of my life. And, strangely enough, not everyone is looking for a handout ;)

The Update (Dawn of Ash, My Life, And Why 2014 Sucked)

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Okay… so here goes…

The update.

Yes, sir, Mr. Cumberbatch sir.

* deep breath *

I have tried to write this blog post so many times now. I’m not even sure I would like to even try to gander a guess as to how many. But know this – it’s a lot. And, if I had been handwriting each one I probably would have gone through a whole ream of paper.

You see… writing this has been hard – scary even – and although I know it shouldn’t be – it is. You see… its one of these dreaded “update” posts that I am quickly becoming known for… the ones I hate to write because – quite frankly – I am scared as to how people will react.

I know I shouldn’t be, but as we all know I have done this before. And the last time I did, the reaction was less than stellar. The reaction was also very good too, but it isn’t funny how it’s the negative emotions that sit with you the heaviest.

The ones that effect you.

I would love to say that that is the sole reason I have had this wall about writing this post, and I guess in some way it is – but there is a much bigger reason too.

The subject matter is hard.

I started this year with a bang, with a positive outlook and a list of everything I wanted to accomplish as long as my arm. I was excited, I was ecstatic and I was ready to go. And then problems that I had been ignoring for a while began to build up and in about a span of three months they built to an uncontrollable pressure – and then they exploded.


So bad that I look at the calendar and I honestly don’t know where the time has gone.

How can it really be October? Wasn’t it just May?

What happened?

The sad thing is that I know exactly what happened and I know exactly what sucked away my time an din so many ways, my life. I know exactly why Dawn of Ash is not even close to being ready.  I know exactly why the year is gone and my brain is mush and I also know that I owe you guys all an apology a bit heftier than the “family reasons” or “personal responsibilities” that I have spouted before.

And I am going to try to give you that.

To the best of my ability while retaining as much privacy for myself and my children as I can.

But first lets answer some questions (and yes, they are relative) I receive about three strongly worded emails and messages a day, criticizing me for being late on Dawn of Ash, for putting something else out before the last Imdalind book and for being irresponsible with my time. First, not only are these often worded quite painfully, but they are very much not true. As I have said MONTHS ago – in fact, back in January when the Rough draft of River and Raynn was completed and I announced the publication (I think I was aiming for may at the time) I had been working on the River and Raynn project for A LONG time. It was always the back burner project and never effected the publication date of any of the Imdalind Books. It still hasn’t. LIFE did.

A life… that mysterious vessel in which we all journey through in our attempt to find happiness and joy and family and love.

Let’s just say, for simplicities sake. That I lost all of that this summer.

Circumstances in my life made it hard to write starting in about November of last year. Expectations were placed on me making it hard for me to function, to feel appreciated. I began to feel more like a writing machine than the storyteller I so prided myself in being. Words were flowing, yes, but they didn’t feel right. Then they stopped all together.

If it was writers block it was the worst kind of writers block there is. A block so bad that it took upheaving my life to get over it. It took losing everything in order to find myself again.

And that’s kind of where I am right now – putting my life back together.

I know. Not much of this is making sense.

Let’s just say it starts with a “D” and rhymes with “force” and as far as those go… It has been the most trying, heart wrenching, crippling experience of my life.

You have no idea how hard it is to explain without saying too much.

But know this, that while this year has been touch, and while my life is shambled pieces – I AM putting it back together.

One broken fragment at a time.

Now, where does this put all my writing projects.

Well, obviously, I am behind. No surprise there. When you lose everything you have a tendency to get behind. BUT despite being behind, I am also working steadily to “catch up”. And while catching up will never happen at this point, books will release, stories will continue on, and for the first time in months I am actually writing words I can be proud of. Words I love.

In a way, isn’t that all that matters?

I am a story teller. I pride myself in a good story, in well developed characters, and in weaving a tale that makes your heart swell. That’s all I want. I want to tell a story. A good one, and I want to be proud of the words I cast out into the world.

I lost that somewhere along the way, and although everything has fallen apart I am putting it back together.

I know the question everyone is asking is “WHEN WILL DAWN OF ASH BE OUT” and the simple answer is… I don’t know. I can guess. And right now I am aiming for January (please don’t lynch me) but I won’t release an official date until it is DONE. As in through the editors and with no question of its completion. I owe you guys that – exact release dates, I mean.

This year has been hard, it has hurt in more ways than you know, in more ways than I can explain. But I am a survivor, and as I survive so do my stories.

There… that sounds about right.

Confusing, but right.