Valentines Day – Lex and Cohen

Valentines Day is getting closer and our Journey into the romantic mind of my characters is continuing, this time with a dark and twisted (and pretty much the most heart breaking thing I have ever written) love story of

Lex and Cohen

I hope you enjoy this look into their hearts – both taken from deep within the pages of Episode 2 (so early in the story). Grab a flashlight and delve in!


My darling Cohen. Everything is too silent. Too dark. Too lonely. And while, in a way, it is something that I am sure I should be used to by now – I just haven’t been able to adjust in this way. Especially not today. On this dumb holiday full of candy and flowers and kisses that still haunt my memory. Kisses I still want. At least, I think it’s valentines. It’s hard to know sometimes, as carefully as we try to track the days, everything is still just one long stretch of night. But I am pretty sure it is, even if I was just to judge by the ache in my heart. And knowing that you are there, feet away from me, wanting me, but too far to reach, someone makes it worse. In moments I will stand before you, glass and air keeping me from you, and press my hand against the pane, watching your wide grin, and even through the hurt, my heart will swell.

I guess that means I love you.

What is that asinine phrase everyone uses? Will you be my valentine? I don’t even have to ask, I know you will be.


Well, now that Lex has ripped our hearts out and stomped on them…. it’s time for our artists to take the stage. I wonder what he will paint for us.

scared_girl_puppy_dog_monster_valentine_postcard-r22b01a7049944938b2a29ca6132af1d1_vgbaq_8byvr_324Beautiful Alexis-

I found paint today, well, rather I made paint today. Even though its all just muted tones of remembrances of color, it’s still paint. Paint to create a beautiful picture for you. Of you.

I doubt I can get it done in time to create a gift for you today, for valentines – so I’ll aim for your birthday. But either way I will paint and draw my heart and soul onto the cavas – create beauty that I am sure you feel like you have lost. But you haven’t lost it, just as you haven’t lost me.

For you are the keeper of my heart, the soul that connects with mine – and that love cannot fade.

So, Happy valentines day, my darling girl. And keep faith, for even though the world is dark – we have created light between windows and air.



Yep – that’s it – those two always do me in. If you haven’t begun the Journey of Through Glass yet – do it now! It is available to read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited, or for 1.98 for the first 3 episodes.

1-9 are out now, with Episode 10 due out late March. Grab a flash light and delve into the dark!


Happy Valentines Day Talon, Love Wyn

Valentines Day is upon us, my friends. And I know some characters who are just eager to spread that love around like crazy.  And, seeing as I have a lot of love in my heart myself, I figure I better let all that love shine!

Thankfully, I know someone who would love to say a little something to one of the loves of her life. Brace your heart, my friends, this one may sting a bit.

dd6724d71ad8e313380dd753d4d5669fDear Talon,

My Darling Talon. Oh, how I miss you. Of course, I say that, but you are still kind of haunting my dreams every night. Not like that’s a bad thing… its just hard you know. Between that and the crying. Dramin says its normal, but he doesn’t like to talk about because I kind of killed his wife. Which, I guess you knew about all along… I mean… Oh, this went down hill fast. I miss you… I mean…

Can I start over?

Take all the time you need, Wynifred.

ecb834f083ccf62dba1ac0bc45b59a75My darling Talon,

I see you every night as I sleep, wandering through that castle that was such a safe place for us. And a place even more special to you. I know that now, I know it all. I remember that night, in that castle before everything changed, before Cail saved me, before you loved me. No, it was there that you fell in love with me. And it’s there that, every night, I remember how much I am in love with you. If only life was simple and I could forget every intricate feature of your face. The lines of your jaw, the dark patches in your hair, the scars on your hands.

It’s all there, perfectly remembered, connected to my heart, connected to my soul.

Beautiful little reminders of how much you meant to me. How much I loved you.

Hold that, Talon. Don’t forget that, and when I see you again perhaps we can reminisce in that. Happy Valentines Day, Talon. I hope you have a good one.

Now, go listen to some Styx.


Well, lets just all pass around the tissues why don’t we? I guess this is a side effect of writing heart wrenching tales…. up tomorrow… Alexis and Cohen from Through Glass!

I guess we will need more tissues, huh?

Protected: Chapter Two of Dawn of Ash

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Tuesday Teaser – Dawn of Ash

You do realize that it is now February right? Which means that Dawn of Ash is a mere 21 days away… which means we are only 21 days away from discovering what happens next to all of our crazy friends in Imdalind.

What? That level of excitement doesn’t quite fit? Kay… let’s try again.

Better? I thought so.

So, with Dawn of Ash coming so soon, its probably time to kick it into high gear with more crazy teasers, and contests and everything! So make sure you are following me on social media, and if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet – do it now! You don’t want to miss what comes with that crazy little purchase!


Dawn of Ash

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But until then – here is your teaser for today. I hope you enjoy! And don’t forget, everything below is heavily copyrighted – so be respectful.


“Leave it, Míra,” Father snapped, as though he was controlling a dog. I supposed, in a way, he was.

He had barely finished the warning before the little, fair-haired beauty he had made his forward guard snapped to attention, running to his side and looking very guilty for having picked up what had been a beautiful red rose.

“Sorry, master,” she grumbled, deep and fearful, obviously expecting a strike.

Smirking at her reaction, I took a step away, not really wanting to see what would come next. She was lucky my father was more concerned with Sain’s absence than her foolishness, or a strike would probably be the least she would receive.

“Find him, Ovailia,” Edmund growled, the depth of his voice pulling me away from the child and right to him.

My scowl deepened at the intense look he was giving me.

“He’s coming,” I spat, feigned confidence spilling over my lips as I flattened them into a tight line.

The anger in his eyes intensified as he took a step closer to me, his fingers flexing by his side. “You would do well to make sure that is not a lie, Ovailia,” he warned, the sound of his steps loud as they slapped against the wet cobbles.

He moved around me as I stood in place, my head held high as I waited for whatever was coming.

You are trying my patience, I sent to Sain through the shard of blade that was embedded in his spine. The piece matched with the one my father had spread throughout me, the one-way communicator bubbling painfully through my blood.

I turned toward my father with a flick of my hair, my eyes meeting his dead-on, and I smiled. His own malice matched my own as I saw the pride in him grow.

“Do not worry, Father,” I cooed, an uncomfortably hot breeze moving through my hair, reacting with the residual chill of my father’s touch like ice on a sidewalk. “He is coming. You will get what you need.”

“Wonderful. See that that it happens.” His lips twitched into what I hoped was a smile before he moved away from me, back into the shadowed overhang of the flower shop. “I would hate to discover this little game he is playing is stretching to you, as well. We still need him, Ovailia. I would hate to make you prove your loyalty to me again.”

Ice trailed down my spine at the warning. The hatred in his words moved through me so deeply I shivered, his smile expanding with the pleasure my reaction gave him.

“That won’t be necessary,” I cooed, keeping my voice gentle as I tried to pull his focus from my fear. He would have none of that, though; he simply smiled more.

“Good, because he may be my key to procuring Wynifred as my mate.” The greasy grin on his face spread wider. “And once that is done, we can attack Ilyan and his pathetic pack mules. Then we can end this.”


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TUESDAY TEASER! Dawn of Ash is almost here!

I don’t think I have much more to say there – other than that Dawn of Ash is officially less than a month away!!

I hope you are all really excited for this – as I know you have been waiting for a while – and yes, it will be worth it. Blood will be spilled.

Hmmm Maybe I shouldn’t have said that…

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But, I know you all aren’t here for the countdown – – I know you are here for the teaser. And thanks to a nice little contest on Facebook… today we get an insight into Sain and all the crazy that he has put us through.

Granted, it’s a small insight… but it’s an insight none-the-less. So, without further ado – here is this weeks Teaser. Of course, everything below is copyrighted 2016 Rebecca Ethington, Imdalind Press, and Market Street Books.


“I … I need to know. Is what you said before true? About the queen’s magic destroying her mind?”

“I want to say that it isn’t.” I sighed dramatically, placing my hand on her elbow in what I hoped was a fatherly way. “But I have seen this before. It is a common ailment of my kind. When the mind cannot handle the power of sight, it begins to destroy itself—”

She gasped, the horror on her face evident. “Our poor queen.”

I bristled, anger and agitation running through my spine. That was not the reaction I wanted. She should not be showing worry or sympathy for one so pathetic and volatile. Disgust, anger, fear—those should be lining her face, the reality of the weakness of her queen filling her.

Instead, she was worried.


“Will she be all right? You are the first of the Drak; your magic is pure. Surely you can see what is coming for her.”

This time, I couldn’t disguise the smile. I didn’t even try. This was what I wanted—this dedication, this awe. To me, not to the ones who had stolen my throne.

The smile hid behind my hand before I returned to her, the lie already waiting.

“I see nothing. When one of the Drak compromises our magic, all sight is broken.” Well, when one of my kind didn’t let me control what they saw, anyway, but I wasn’t going to get into that with this woman. “The sight will not become clear again until after the magic has left her.”

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