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Meet The Author - Rebecca Ethington

Meet The Author - Rebecca Ethington

Weaver of Worlds and Silk

It all started with a birthday present: a little book I wrote for my grandfather, helped along by a little bit of performing experience and a whole lot of love. It has since evolved into a few series, a career in marketing, and a passion for helping other authors achieve their dream. After all, whats the point of this life if you don’t help and love and share along the way. Welcome to my website. Take a look around, and make sure to grab a book or two while you’re here. I guarantee you’ll love them.


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I’ll sign books again… soon

It was about this time last year that removed the option to buy signed copies from my website. While I only got requests and purchases about once a week, with everything I was...
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Ilyan’s Grand Return

Let’s get right to the points shall we? Ilyan’s book is coming back. I know, I am excited too - but before you get too excited (or too grumbly) there are some changes that you...
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The Stages of Thanksgiving Cooking

Here we are - it’s less than a week to Thanksgiving, and as we get closer and closer to the big day it’s time to prepare for the meal to end all meals. You love Thanksgiving, you...
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How do you want Ilyan?

As you probably know by now a few months ago I started publishing Ilyan one chapter at a time on Wattpad. While this distribution plan wasn’t the favorite of many (including me)...
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More Than Stories, Get Lost in Worlds

From dystopians drenched in dark, to a girl who will save the world, and so much more.

The Imdalind Series

Through Glass

River and Raynn

Stand Alones