The Update (Dawn of Ash, My Life, And Why 2014 Sucked)

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Okay… so here goes…

The update.

Yes, sir, Mr. Cumberbatch sir.

* deep breath *

I have tried to write this blog post so many times now. I’m not even sure I would like to even try to gander a guess as to how many. But know this – it’s a lot. And, if I had been handwriting each one I probably would have gone through a whole ream of paper.

You see… writing this has been hard – scary even – and although I know it shouldn’t be – it is. You see… its one of these dreaded “update” posts that I am quickly becoming known for… the ones I hate to write because – quite frankly – I am scared as to how people will react.

I know I shouldn’t be, but as we all know I have done this before. And the last time I did, the reaction was less than stellar. The reaction was also very good too, but it isn’t funny how it’s the negative emotions that sit with you the heaviest.

The ones that effect you.

I would love to say that that is the sole reason I have had this wall about writing this post, and I guess in some way it is – but there is a much bigger reason too.

The subject matter is hard.

I started this year with a bang, with a positive outlook and a list of everything I wanted to accomplish as long as my arm. I was excited, I was ecstatic and I was ready to go. And then problems that I had been ignoring for a while began to build up and in about a span of three months they built to an uncontrollable pressure – and then they exploded.


So bad that I look at the calendar and I honestly don’t know where the time has gone.

How can it really be October? Wasn’t it just May?

What happened?

The sad thing is that I know exactly what happened and I know exactly what sucked away my time an din so many ways, my life. I know exactly why Dawn of Ash is not even close to being ready.  I know exactly why the year is gone and my brain is mush and I also know that I owe you guys all an apology a bit heftier than the “family reasons” or “personal responsibilities” that I have spouted before.

And I am going to try to give you that.

To the best of my ability while retaining as much privacy for myself and my children as I can.

But first lets answer some questions (and yes, they are relative) I receive about three strongly worded emails and messages a day, criticizing me for being late on Dawn of Ash, for putting something else out before the last Imdalind book and for being irresponsible with my time. First, not only are these often worded quite painfully, but they are very much not true. As I have said MONTHS ago – in fact, back in January when the Rough draft of River and Raynn was completed and I announced the publication (I think I was aiming for may at the time) I had been working on the River and Raynn project for A LONG time. It was always the back burner project and never effected the publication date of any of the Imdalind Books. It still hasn’t. LIFE did.

A life… that mysterious vessel in which we all journey through in our attempt to find happiness and joy and family and love.

Let’s just say, for simplicities sake. That I lost all of that this summer.

Circumstances in my life made it hard to write starting in about November of last year. Expectations were placed on me making it hard for me to function, to feel appreciated. I began to feel more like a writing machine than the storyteller I so prided myself in being. Words were flowing, yes, but they didn’t feel right. Then they stopped all together.

If it was writers block it was the worst kind of writers block there is. A block so bad that it took upheaving my life to get over it. It took losing everything in order to find myself again.

And that’s kind of where I am right now – putting my life back together.

I know. Not much of this is making sense.

Let’s just say it starts with a “D” and rhymes with “force” and as far as those go… It has been the most trying, heart wrenching, crippling experience of my life.

You have no idea how hard it is to explain without saying too much.

But know this, that while this year has been touch, and while my life is shambled pieces – I AM putting it back together.

One broken fragment at a time.

Now, where does this put all my writing projects.

Well, obviously, I am behind. No surprise there. When you lose everything you have a tendency to get behind. BUT despite being behind, I am also working steadily to “catch up”. And while catching up will never happen at this point, books will release, stories will continue on, and for the first time in months I am actually writing words I can be proud of. Words I love.

In a way, isn’t that all that matters?

I am a story teller. I pride myself in a good story, in well developed characters, and in weaving a tale that makes your heart swell. That’s all I want. I want to tell a story. A good one, and I want to be proud of the words I cast out into the world.

I lost that somewhere along the way, and although everything has fallen apart I am putting it back together.

I know the question everyone is asking is “WHEN WILL DAWN OF ASH BE OUT” and the simple answer is… I don’t know. I can guess. And right now I am aiming for January (please don’t lynch me) but I won’t release an official date until it is DONE. As in through the editors and with no question of its completion. I owe you guys that – exact release dates, I mean.

This year has been hard, it has hurt in more ways than you know, in more ways than I can explain. But I am a survivor, and as I survive so do my stories.

There… that sounds about right.

Confusing, but right.

River and Raynn’s Journals are now in one place!!!

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Hold the phone! Say what?

I know many of you have been eyeing the crazy-awesomeness that is Of River and Raynn – and many more have been scratching your heads going… I want to play… but I don’t know where to start..

Don’t worry. I have you covered.


Of River and Raynn – The Journals – in e-reader book form. Ready for you to go from start to finish and experience the crazy0awesomeness (I think I am going to coin that phrase)


The Journals

For the past few months River and Raynn have pulled us into their world through images, video, and journal entries that have told the story before the story.

If you haven’t followed along with the Journals – now is your chance to get caught up.

Every entry, in one place, complete with links that will take you right to the images and videos that correspond with the story.

PLEASE NOTE: The Journals, while providing a deeper connection and line to the story are NOT required to enjoy the first book in the series. They simply expand your experience.

Pre-order on Amazon Now. Will be available everywhere on September 12th 2014

Amazon US

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Go get em tiger!!!

And if you are looking for the Of River and Raynn – The Catalyst links…

I have those too :)

The Catalyst – Book one in my interactive storytelling series is officially up on preorder!! While this book is a continuation to the live action Journals that have been released over the last few months it is written is such a way that you can read it independently of the Journals and not miss out on anything.

It’s .99 now – but the price will go up on the official release day – so go grab it!  

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00024]

Of River and Raynn Is Available For Pre-Order!!

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The title says it all doesn’t it!!

After watching the journals, getting to know the characters, immersing yourself in the story for the past few months… it’s here… the first written volume of The River and Raynn Series… Now our story is about to begin.

Get it for pre-order on Amazon right now! And yes, I know… I know… Barnes and Noble and iTunes are coming – Amazon just seems to be right on top of things lately.

Now, I know, a few of you are scratching your heads, saying “but I didn’t follow the journals at all, can I still read the book?” Let me just say… YES!!

Hold on… Let me say that louder…

While this book is a continuation to the Journals it is written is such a way that you can read it independently of the Journals and not miss out on anything. I’ve had several beta readers who only read the written volume and not the journals and they still loved it and followed along perfectly. So even if you haven’t read the journals don’t be afraid to dive right in!

The book is available for .99 for a limited time – in fact – the price will go up to 2.99 on September 12th (the official release day) so grab it now for the lowered price while you can!


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00024]

They found me when I was five; a little girl sitting on a bench in Grand Central Station, soaking wet, asking about the rain.

I remembered nothing about how I got there, or who my parents were. I couldn’t even remember my name. I was tagged, labeled and doomed to cycle through state care for the next twelve years; moving from one family to another. They all rejected me as the dreams began to come, the memories began to return, and things around me began to explode.

Now my mind is full of a world of shadows, things that my heart pleads with me to be true, that I hope are only fantasy. That the disturbing past I see is not mine.

When I sleep I hear whispers of magic, and of evil queens, and a world that exists alongside our own. Things that could never be. But, there is one thing I know to be true. That there was a boy who was torn from me. A boy that I know means more to me than a brother, or than a lover. But what he is to me, I am not sure. I hear him cry for me in my dreams, I hear people call him The Catalyst.

I know I need to find him.

I wouldn’t have tried, if I would have known that finding River, would have made all my dreams turn into a haunting reality.


Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Let the voting begin!!

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So last week I had this CRAZY idea…

I know… I know… me and crazy ideas… but I promise this one is worth it.

You see, I was at the Indie Book Fest in Orlando florida, drooling over other peoples swag and I realized… I need better swag…

Like lots of better swag.

Not saying that my swag is bad or anything… its just sub par. You see, as much as I love to gush over peoples swag, I am really bad at picking my own… and that’s when it hit me.

I have a bazilion (okay, maybe not that many, but you get the point) fans who would love to help me. And, lets be honest – I really love getting your guys help too.

So – this last week my assistant and I spent quite a lot of time (and very long nights) putting together a plethora of swag mock ups (thats the main word here, mock ups, as most of them are in a weird sub-par state). Anyway… we made these mock-ups and are SUPER excited to show them to you today… and let you guys have the say as to which super awesome swag thing-a-ma-bob I have with me at Penned in just two short weeks.

Today, we are going to start with Through Glass, and don’t worry… Imdalind Swag is going up in just a few short days (squeeze!!)

I’m excited. I hope you are too.

Aren’t they pretty?

photo 3


So, first (the picture below) we have some ash bottled. Now, if you have read Through Glass you now how intrigal Ash is to the world – and what it’s significance is. I’m not going to give any spoilers away here – but know that it is very very cool.

Each of these bottles contain genuine Tar ash. Think I am kidding? I have the battle wounds to prove it. ;)

The difference between white and black is significant – but like I said.. no spoilers. They come in a one ounce vial, or in necklace form each with a rule tied around it’s neck. You don’t want to leave home without these… trust me.

photo 1

Rule Number One: Stay in the Light.

You don’t want to break this rule if you have any chance of making it through the dark world alive. Trust me.

You better take this with you everywhere you go.

Just imagine these grunted up with a Through Glass logo on them.

Just imagine these grunted up with a Through Glass logo on them.

Rule Number Two: Don’t eat the food…

But sometimes you have to… sometimes you have no choice… just don’t ask whats inside. Don’t breathe, don’t think. Just follow what the Tar tell you to do. It’s the only way to survive after all.

Isn’t it?

Nothing good can come of this...

Nothing good can come of this…

Didn’t I tell you to stay in the light… you won’t survive if you are in the dark. The Tar will find you, the tar will eat you… and if your flashlight gives out there is only one way out. One way to keep yourself safe. Quick find something to burn.

I can hear them coming.



So, there you have it – swag of epic proportions… Eventually, in the long term I will be giving out each of these at my events. But for right now… you can only pick one.

Which one do you pick?

Through Glass Swag
What Through Glass themed SWAG would you like to see at Penned Con?

And if you haven’t started Through Glass yet make sure to pick up your copy on Amazon.

Right now.

You won’t regret it. I promise.



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We interrupt this regularly scheduled day to bring you…


I am not kidding…

I could watch it all day every day and I am not sure I would ever stop laughing..

I hope you enjoyed that.