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  1. I loaded Kiss of Fire as a freebie on my Nook. I am unsure how long it sat there, waiting with all the other hundreds that I have downloaded,  but I finally began reading it yesterday. Actually, I was unsure if I’d make it past the first chapter when I noted that it was a YT book,  but I thought I’d give it a go since it had so many stars and since I really wanted something to read right then.  I have to tell you that I am mid 50’s and not someone who would usually be described as one who acts younger than my age. So….. imagine my surprise when I became so engaged with the book that I finished it today, only after becoming too tired to see straight last night. I truly enjoyed this book!  In fact, I plan on buying the entire series as soon as I finish writing this.  I only hope that it takes me long enough to read books 2-5 so that I won’t have to wait for book 6 to come out! And I really think that this book would make a great movie, so I hope that your dream of that comes to fruition in the near future!

    Especially in this day and age, it is (extremely) refreshing to find an interesting, yet clean-cut story line. The plot line was fresh and interesting, the characters were believable, and, while the story line was appropriate for young teens, it was enjoyable for me, a substantially older reader [than the stated target demographic]. I guess that proves that you can enjoy a little magic at any age, and I am very grateful for that reminder! Many thanks to you for sharing your stories, I look forward to reading the entire tale!

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